Recognize text on image online

Image upload

Upload an image containing the text you want to recognize. Our service supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

Image Preprocessing

The system automatically processes the uploaded image to optimize and improve the quality of OCR. This includes contrast enhancement, noise removal, and other processing procedures.

Text recognising

Using advanced OCR technologies, our service analyzes the processed image and extracts text from it. The system is able to work with both printed text and handwritten.

Output of results

OCR results are displayed on the screen for user convenience. The text can be read directly on our website, without the need to download or transfer to another location.

Copy text to clipboard

Our service provides the ability to easily copy the recognized text to the clipboard. This allows you to quickly and conveniently use the text in any other application or document.

Support for different languages

Our OCR algorithms support many languages, making the service convenient for users from all over the world. No matter what language your text is written in, our service will help you recognize it.

Service usage scenarios

  • In the realm of education, capturing board notes in photos has become commonplace. The online image text recognition service instantly translates these photos into text. Effective exam preparation has become more attainable.
  • While traveling, capturing exhibit information through photos has become routine. The image text recognition service transforms these photos into informative notes. Journeys are now coupled with learning.
  • Document digitization becomes streamlined. The image text recognition service converts documents into an editable format, eliminating unnecessary efforts.
  • Research endeavors involve data analysis from various sources. The image text recognition service simplifies the process of gathering and utilizing information from photos.
  • An amateur chef captures recipes for future culinary experiments. The online image text recognition service translates these photos into an editable format, enhancing recipe management.
  • The presentation creation process becomes more efficient. The image text recognition service enables swift integration of information from photos into slides.
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